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A group of practicing valuers actively engaged in the profession, regularly attending seminars, conferences and fellowships on valuation came in contact with some practitioners and academicians from all over the globe by attending the World Valuation Congresses in Vancouver, Singapore and London.

While interacting with them, it was found that there was a difference in valuation practiced in India and that outside India. The practice developed outside India appealed to them mainly because the practitioners outside India, even in developing countries, could not practice without an academic qualification in valuation due to the Valuers' Act, regulating the valuation profession. Whereas, even today, in India there is no such Act to regulate the valuation profession.

This group studied the courses offered across the globe and developed a curriculum suitable to Indian requirements and approached BVM Engineering College, affiliated to Sardar Patel University (SPU), Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat for introduction of the valuation courses and met late Dr B. P. Swadas, Principal of the college cum Dean faculty of engineering and technology SPU and late Dr D. D. Jadeja, Vice Chancellor, SPU. Dr Jadeja immediately agreed on following conditions:

  • The course shall be leading to the post-graduate degree on similar line of business administration and environmental engineering which were first introduced at PG courses and subsequently undergraduate courses were introduced in these two disciplines. This is mainly because vice chancellor has power to introduce of PG courses and for introduction of degree courses there is a long process.
  • The University will not be able to provide any finance.
  • Someone has to take charge in honorary capacity until the core faculty is developed.

One of the members of the group agreed to take charge in honorary capacity until the core faculty is developed.

Dr C.L. Patel, Chairman, Charutar Vidya Mandal – a charitable trust managing more than 45 educational institutions in Vallabh Vidyanagar agreed to offer excellent support to run the courses.

SPU introduced following full-time courses in the year 1994:

Master of Valuation (real estate) - first time in India

Master of Valuation (plant and machinery) - first time in the whole world

Thus, the same group was involved right from the beginning - convincing the university for need of the courses, framing syllabi, selecting faculty, teaching and helping the university in offering the courses almost for 10 years (till 2003) absolutely in honorary capacity till the core faculty - Shri Nelson J. Macwan, Shri Amish Patel and Shri Rupesh T. Shah (the students of the first batch) was developed out of the students who completed the courses.

On introduction of the course group made representations to the Central Board of Direct Taxes, Ministry of Finance, GOI for amendment to Wealth Tax Rules 8A (2) and 8A (8) for registration as valuers of Immovable Property and Plant & Machinery so that the holders of these two degrees can be registered in respective disciplines with 2 years of experience instead of 10 years (for engineers and architects). through Sardar Patel University. The representation was accepted, and a Gazette Notification was issued on 5th March 1997.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, U.K. (RICS) accredited the courses in Sept.1998 initially for an intake of students during 1996-2000 and now also admits applicants with above qualifications as their members.

The group of valuers who were instrumental in developing academic courses floated the idea of establishing a professional organization of academically qualified valuers in a meeting organized by Alumni of SPU Valuation courses in Dec. 2006 at Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat and the same was readily accepted and Centre for Valuation Studies, Research and Training (CVSRT) was established. It was decided to carry out some professional activity before registering the organization. Accordingly, the conferences were organized on Valuation of Assets for safety and security of Banking Sector in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Surat which were very well attended by executives from National Housing Bank (NHB), ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Indian Banks' Association (IBA), State Bank of India, Bank of India, other private/ public sector banks and professional valuers from length and breadth of India.

Institution of Valuers (Kolhapur Branch) approached the CVSRT in Sept. 2007 for a help in introducing Master of Valuation (real estate) course under distance learning at Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

CVSRT prepared the study material for all the 21 subjects of the course and also rendered full help for two years in running the course. Now also members of CVSRT are rendering help. It is note-worthy to mention here that the students of the distance learning course at Shivaji University, Kolhapur include:

  • Govt. registered valuers with more than 20 years' experience
  • Officers in the bank
  • Assessor and Tax Collector, Kolkata Municipal Corporation
  • Senior executive of big 4 accounting firm
  • Chairmen of Institution of Valuers, Chennai and Hyderabad branches.

Annamalai University, Chennai introduced the valuation course in the year 2010 and CVSRT also helped Annamalai University.

Thus, some of the members of CVSRT have been the focal point of expertise in valuation to fill up a gap that exists in this area of felt need. It is unique in the sense that it does not survive by strength of membership but by the critical role it plays in providing intellectual inputs in the field of valuation. The CVSRT has prepared the study material for following subjects for distance learning courses introduced by various universities:

  • Principles of Economics
  • Book keeping and accountancy
  • Elementary surveying
  • Introduction to statistics
  • Principles of valuation
  • Town and regional planning
  • Elements of laws and jurisprudence
  • Engineering drawing
  • Principles of insurance & loss assessment
  • Building technology-I
  • Building technology-II
  • Law – I
  • Law – II
  • Principles of rating
  • Valuation of real estate-I
  • Valuation of real estate-II
  • Urban land economics
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Maintenance & repairs of building & dilapidation
  • Building technology
  • Real estate management
  • Report writing

It is also in constant touch with organizations that are relevant in the field of practicing valuers and at the same time remains hands in gloves with the expertise that have matured the world over.

It is noteworthy to mention here that the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors U.K. assigned the job of preparing Indian version of (Valuation Information Paper) VIP 10 and VIP 12 of their Manual of Appraisal and Valuation to CVSRT.

CVSRT took a lead in preparing a document on vital issues concerning banking sector like – Qualifications and experiences of valuers, Check-list for bankers, format for valuers and circulated to all the professional valuation societies who attended the meeting convened by NHB on 20th Feb.2008 at Delhi for their views and also suggested that in USA there is an organization -Appraisal Foundation which is supported by all the valuation societies; similarly, there is a need to establish Federation of Valuation Societies supported by all the valuation societies of the country. In US, Appraisal Foundation plays vital role in the matters of qualifications, standards and framing guide lines etc.

Centre for Valuation Studies, Research and Training as stated hereto before was ultimately registered as Centre for Valuation Studies, Research and Training Association (CVSRTA) under Society's Registration Act, 1860 vide no. 816/2010 G.B.B.S.D. dtd. 30th March 2010 at Mumbai to have an independent status and avoid control by individual members.

Outstanding contribution at international and national levels:

The past and some of the present office bearers of CVSRTA are instrumental in following:

Helping International Valuation Standards Committee (IVSC) in framing basic document in the year 1994 for International Valuation Standards on:

  • Valuation of plant & machinery
  • Consideration of environmental factors in valuation

In order to collect literature for preparing study material for the students for the plant and machinery course – Kirit P. Budhbhatti one of the office bearers of CVSRT visited R.I.C.S. Library at their headquarters in London in 1994 but did not find all the books prescribed for examinations conducted by them in the discipline of valuation of plant and machinery and brought to the notice of Bill Carr Chair – plant and machinery committee RICS. He also visited the libraries of the American society of Appraisers in California and Washington D.C. and also the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. He did not find the books dealing with all the aspects that pertinently arise in the field of valuation of plant and machinery so as to serve the purpose of a text book for the university students and the practitioners. Then he authored a book. The forward and Introduction to the book are from Chris Derry-Former Chairman Plant and Machinery Committee RICS and Les Miles – Former President (2006-07) ASA and chairman machinery and equipment committee respectively and same are attached.

As there was a dearth of literature in the field of plant & machinery valuation it became essential to create literature by extracting from minds of outstanding plant & machinery valuers of the world. For this purpose, did pioneering work in the field of plant & machinery valuation and organized first, ever plant & machinery valuation conference at Anand, Gujarat, in India during 2-8 February 1998, which created tremendous interest in the international arena.

The main idea behind organizing the conference was to create a literature in the discipline of plant & machinery valuation. This was essential for offering academic programme. The excellent literature was created through conference due to active participation by stalwarts from advanced and developing countries like:

  • Chairman, International Valuation Standards Committee,
  • President, American Society of Appraisers (ASA),
  • Prof. from Sheffield University UK,
  • Former - Chairman, Machinery and Equipment Committee ASA,
  • Superintendent Valuer, Her Majesty's Valuation Office, London,
  • Former - Chairman, Central Valuation Board, Kolkata, India,
  • Executive Vice President, American Appraisals, Milwaukee, USA
  • Head, Rating Valuation - British Telecommunication, London
  • CEO, BC Assessment, Victoria Canada.
  • Member, Machinery and Equipment Committee ASA,
  • Former - Chairman, Plant & Machinery Committee the Royal
  • Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and
  • from UK, USA, Canada, France, Malaysia, Fiji, Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mauritius, Ecuador, Thailand, and from length and breadth of India.

This was followed by a regular biennial international conference of meaningful nature. On success of the conference a committee was formed and founder Secretary CVSRT became Founder Chairman (1998-2007) of International Plant & Machinery Valuation Conference Committee (IPMVCC). IPMVCC organized conferences in KL, Sydney, Hong Kong, London, San Francisco, Beijing, St. Petersburg, Japan and again Sydney in 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011,2013,2015 and 2017 respectively. CVSRT brought three-word renowned societies RICS, ASA and API together as since 2007 these conferences are jointly organized by these three organizations.

The first conference was inaugurated by Chairman Public Sector Enterprises Selection Board, Chairmen Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority and Dis-investment Commission chaired the sessions on valuation for insurance and dis-investment respectively.

High Commissioner of India in Malaysia inaugurated the conference in Kuala Lumpur in 2000 and Consul Generals of India in Sydney and Hong Kong were the Chief Guests in the concluding sessions in Sydney and Hong Kong conferences.


The past and some of the present office bearers of the centre are also instrumental for:

  • Two training programmes of four-day duration for Senior executives of Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.(BHEL) at the National Institute of Financial Management, Faridabad and at Hyderabad in April and May 1998 respectively.
  • Presentation to the officers in the office of Comptroller and Auditor General of India regarding relevance of valuation in public audit and disclosure of value of public assets for the sake of public accountability in May 1998 which was attended by Dy. Comptroller and Auditor General of India.
  • Half a day programme in office of Comptroller and Auditor General of India regarding relevance of valuation on 3rd Sept.2001, which was attended by Dy. Comptroller and Auditor General of India.
  • Training programme in valuation for the Officers of the rank of Dy. Accountant General and Directors in the office of Comptroller and Auditor General of India at International Training Centre at Ghaziabad during 4-6 September 2001.
  • Conference on valuation for safety and security of banking sector organized jointly by Indian Banks' Association and ISTAR in July 2001 and April 2002 attended by officers in the rank of Dy. GM and AGM from various public and private sector banks from length and breadth of India.
  • 5 days Training programme in Valuation for officers of Stamp Duty Department of the Government of Gujarat, in June 1996.
  • Continuing education programme for professional valuers at Anand, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat and Chennai
  • 5 days Training programme for 'Appraisal Team' of HUDCO at New Delhi.

CVSRTA submitted exhaustive suggestions on Valuation Professional Bill and for registration as valuers u/s 247 of Companies Act, 2013.

In 2015, CVSRTA published Guidelines on Valuation of real estate as well as plant and machinery.

Chairman Desk

Mr.Yomesh Narayan Rao

Dear Valuer Friends.

I have great pleasure to inform you all that CVSRTA Registered Valuers Association is recognized as an RVO by Insolvency & Bankruptcy Board of India on 28-6-2018.

We are authorized to teach and train valuers for IBBI Exam in Real Estate as well as Plant & Machinery.

Presently, we have planned Training Centres in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai and subsequently centers will be opened in other cities.

The 50 hour training Module for valuers is the short term goal of the Association. Long term goal is for continuously educating and updating members regarding developments in Valuation field in India & abroad.

With Central Government being strongly determined to regulate Real Estate (RERA ) & Banking( IBBI Board ) Sectors , there is great scope for Individuals/valuers regarding future prospects in field of Valuation in India.

I foresee ever increasing quantum of valuation work for Real Estate and Plant & Machinery Valuers due to Company Act Amendments of 2013. Also Bank Mortgage work will be less remunerative as compared to professional fees for revaluation of Company's assets, every year, as per revised Accountancy Standards.

Government is committed towards development of Valuations of Company's Asset. It is our duty to support the government and the country in this endeavor. CVSRTA RVA has two important Ventures in mind. Primary Objective is to help the Government in its long term goal in preparation and finalization of INDIAN VALUATION STANDARDS and VALUER'S BILL. Other Objective is to contribute to the betterment of Valuer profession in India. Greater professionalism in valuation field is the need of the day.

Time will come when the rush to MBA courses shall reduce substantially in the next 5 year period and there will be great rush for admission to valuation courses in streams of Real Estate & Plant Machinery

It is high time that Practicing Valuers grab the opportunity to get themselves trained for the Future viz IBBI Exam & thus make themselves qualified to carry out Valuation of not only Company Assets, but also handle Bank mortgage valuations & Tax Valuations.

Here's wishing success to every Valuer joining our RVO.


C.V.S.R.T.A. R.V.A.


Sr No. Name of Directors Resident Status Nationality
1. Sundeep Harjas Bikhchandani Resident Indian
2. Ketan Arvind Chothani Resident Indian
3. Binitha Manohar Dalal Resident Indian
4. Sunitkumar Gupta Resident Indian
Sr No. Name of Directors Resident Status Nationality
1. Prabhakar Trimbak Hardikar Resident Indian
2. Hemant Manvantrai Vasavada Resident Indian
3. Yomesh Narayan Rao Resident Indian
4. Priyank Gupta Resident Indian
5. Rajiv Ashok Agrawal Resident Indian

Mr.Yomesh Narayan Rao B.E.CIVIL, LLB, LLM

Yomesh has More than 18 years of operational and strategic experience in the real estate and construction industry across India. With a bachelor degree in engineering (Civil), he started his career as a site engineer with one of the top Indian builders - Raheja Group based in Mumbai. His vast knowledge and experience in technical due diligence, project approvals and clearances throughout the lifecycle of building projects has gained him considerable respect from regulatory authorities. Having been head of the department of Regulatory and Liaison within the Raheja Group, Yomesh has ventured out to start his own consultancy.

Though gentle in approach, he has a penchant for getting things done, with the ability to plan, strategize and make quick but correct decisions. When it comes to construction he's been there, done that, but is still willing to learn.
Undertaken projects Initially Limited in Bombay, MMR and then Moving in to Pan India Liaison by Studying and Understanding the Local Rules and Regulations of Various Cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mangalore, Chandigarh, Haryana, Chennai, Goa etc........

He is a Member of the Executive Committee of the Esteemed Practicing Engineers Architects and Town Planners Association (PEATA) and is a part of their Editorial Team

Mr.Sunitkumar Gupta, M.Val(RE)

Mr. Gupta is Co-author of Stamp Duty Ready Reckoner for last 20 years, he is also co-author of Property Tax Ready Reckoner. He has interviewed Senior Government Officials of Stamp Duty and Registration Department which was published in the Times of India and other leading News papers of Mumbai. Leading Newspapers relay on his opinion in the matters of stamp duty, registration and property tax. He is editor of a monthly newsletter GLOBUS devoted to Valuation, property tax, stamp duty, registration and property related matters since last 17 years. He has contributed more than 25 articles on stamp duty & registration which were published in various leading new papers of Mumbai. Mr. Gupta has spoken on stamp duty & registration related subjects at many of the seminars & lectures organized by Western India Regional Council of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and has spoken at Residential Courses relating to Co-operative Societies held at Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Matheran, Kolhapur & Aurangabad.

He has done extensive research and study on the property value in Mumbai with reference to Actual market value V/s Market value as per stamp duty and Ownership V/s Tenanted property. He has specialized in valuation of immovable property in Mumbai as on 1-4-1981 & 1-4-2001. As an associate to Mr. Santosh Kumar he is responsible for the valuation of various properties worth more than 100 crores each.

Mr.Prabhakar Trimbak Hardikar

Mr. P. T. Hardikar, born on 26th December 1930, is a Civil Engineering graduate, Pune University (1954). He joined Town Planning and Valuation Department, Govt. of Maharashtra in November 1954. While in service he successfully passed three examination of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (R.I.C.S.), London and was elected as Associate Member of the Institute (A.R.I.C.S.) in 1963. He was deputed to the 2 years Post Graduate Diploma Course in Town and Country Planning with specialization in 'Urban and Regional Planning' at the school of planning and Architecture (S.P.A), New Delhi, which he completed in 1974 with Honours. He has further completed the Training Course in 'Urban Management' conducted by the Economic Development Institute (E.D.I.) of the World Bank and the Ministry of Works and Housing, Govt. of India and has been elected as Overseas Fellow of the E.D.I. in 1979.

During his 34 years' service in the Town Planning and Valuation Dept. Maharashtra Govt. he held Class I Gazette posts for 25 years and retired as Director of Town Planning, Maharashtra State. He has varied experience in Town Planning from preparing layout plans to preparing and finalizing Town Planning Scheme, Development Plans, New Township Plans, Regional Plans etc. he has T.P. schemes at Solapur and Ahmednagar as Arbitrator. He has also worked as Special Land Acquisition Officer at Pune and Solapur and has declared several Land Acquisition awards. He has also lead Expert Evidence in the District Courts and in the High Court, Bombay.

He was a faculty member at the Master of Valuation, Real Estate course at the Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidya Nagar, Gujrat during 1997-98 to 2002-03 and taught the subject of Report Writing, valuation and Land Acquisition. He also guided about 30 students in their project work/ dissertation. He is a faculty member at the two years Master of Valuation (Real Estate), run in the distance mode at Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra where he taught the subjects of valuation, land acquisition, town planning and report writing. He has also given guidance to more than 70 students for their project works/ dissertations. He has also worked as external jury at the viva- voice examinations.

He has written a book "Writing a Report: Real Estate Valuation", summary of which has been published in the "Indian Valuer", February and March 2012, for which he has been awarded Gold Medal at Amrutsar Congress, 2012 of the Institution of Valuers, India.
He is the member of following institutions:

  1. Associate Member, Institute of Town Planners India (A.I.T.P) New Delhi.
  2. Life Member, Institute of Public Administration (I.I.P.A) New Delhi.
  3. Life Member, Regional Science Association, India.
  4. Fellow Life Member, Institution of Surveyors, India.
  5. Fellow Life Member, Institution of Valuers, India.
  6. Overseas Fellow, Economic Development Institute (E.D.I), World Bank

Mr.Rajiv Agrawal

Work profile includes:

  • Evaluating (credit & risk) and attaining closure on various real estate investment opportunities
  • Internal representations and clearances
  • Investment structuring and documentation
  • To be in continuous touch with the customer and the project - primarily pre-empting the project risks and requirements
  • Chalking out future strategies for investments including exits

HDFC Ltd September 2002 to May 2007
Assistant Manager, Commercial Real Estate

Work profile included:

  • Credit Analysis for all India debt proposals for real estate developers .
  • Managing client relationships from origination to exit along with sourcing of new debt businesses for select geographies.
  • Coordinating and facilitating discussions with other institutions for consortium financing
  • Reporting to the management committee for debt approvals

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India May 2002 Chartered Accountant (ACA)
Mulund College of Commerce, Mumbai, India April 2000 Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com)

Mr.Priyank Gupta, ACA

Edelweiss              May 2018 - Till Date
Associate Director

Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd               June 2015- April 2018
Regional Head-Commercial

  • Responsible for origination and execution of real estate financing transaction across the Western region.
  • Overall responsibility for the complete transaction process from origination, structuring, due diligence, internal approval processes, documentation and disbursement.
  • Also responsible for monitoring existing real estate portfolio
  • Total disbursements of INR80-100 billion p.a
  • Total current outstanding portfolio of ~ INR300 billion

Capitedge               Aug 2013-May 2015
Founding member of Capitedge Investment advisory services

  • Key role in managing the existing portfolio of Wells Fargo's real estate investments in India
  • To raise International & Domestic fund for private equity space in invest in real estate

Wells Fargo Bank, Mumbai               Nov 2007- Aug 2013
Assistant Vice President, Private Equity Real Estate

  • Originating investment opportunities across various real estate asset classes Evaluated investment opportunities through various equity/ mezzanine structures.
  • Completed deal execution, including transaction structuring, taxation, financial and technical due diligence and co-ordination with legal and other agencies involved in the deal.
  • Co-ordinated transaction due diligence and pre-closure documentation activities
  • Actively monitored project and investment performance
  • Monitored and evaluated exit options across portfolio
  • Active member of a 'Research Desk' that compiled general and market-related economic information, and performed real estate PE tracking (competition mapping) by industry segment and location
  • Key member of the team involved in investments of INR 18 billion and exits of INR 12 billion

ICICI Bank Limited, Mumbai               Nov 2001 – Sept 2007
Manager, Corporate & Realty Finance

  • Developed and managed business relationships with real estate developers (including some of the top real estate developers in India) for project funding, working capital, and lease-rent discounting.
  • Evaluated construction funding and lease rental discounting proposals.
  • Executed complete deals, including co-ordination with internal departments (like Risk, Legal, Compliance) and external agencies (like Valuers, Advocates)
  • Successfully negotiated and concluded several large debt transactions with reputed developers
  • Evaluated investment opportunities in yield generating assets for ICICI Bank and executed investment transactions
  • Completed legal requirements, including facility documentation and title search clearance of project properties
  • Involved in the setting up of the internal audit and compliance procedures of the department

• Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Narsee Monjee Institute Of Management Studies, Mumbai, 2008
• Institute Of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi, 2007
• Bachelors Of Commerce, Pt. Ravi Shankar University, Raipur, 1994

Other Interests :
Active interest in current affairs and new developments in real estate & finance Running (10-21kms), Swimming & Cricket

Committee Member

1. Prabhakar Trimbak Hardikar - Chairman
2. Pramod Patil - Member
3. Bhagirath Rathod - Member
4. Ghanshyamsinh Vadher - Member

1. Yomesh Narayan Rao - Chairman
2. Jigesh Mehta - Member
3. Sanjay Malhotra - Member
4. Murli Punjwani - Member
5. IBBI Representative - Member

1. Hemant Vasavada - Chairman
2. Rajesh Rajpara - Member
3. Sachin Purohit - Member
4. Rhisikesh Mharalkar - Member

1. Rajiv Agrawal - Chairman
2. Ketan Arvind Chothani - Member
3. Rajeev Shah - Member
4. Sundeep Bikhchandani - Member
5. Sunitkumar Gupta - Member

1. Prabhakar Trimbak Hardikar - Chairman
2. Pramod Patil - Member
3. Manish Kaneria - Member
4. Jitendra Paithankar - Member

1. Priyank Gupta - Chairman
2. Ketan Chothani - Member
3. Sunitkumar Gupta - Member
4. IBBI Representative - Member


Sr No. Name of Co-ordinator Email ID Contact No
1. Mr. Rajesh Rajpara Coord.Ahmedabad@cvsrtarva.org +91 9824069130
2. Mr. Ghanshyamsinh Vadher Coord.Mumbai@cvsrtarva.org +91 9820262432
3. Mr. Pramod Patil Coord.Pune@cvsrtarva.org +91 9422324067
4. Mr. Sivakanandan Coord.Puduchery@cvsrtarva.org +91 9842346200
5. Mr. Thirumal Coord.Chennai@cvsrtarva.org +91 9629888033
6. Mr. Venkat Krishanan Coord.Bengaluru@cvsrtarva.org +91 9845497602
7. Mr. Santosh Singh Coord.Ranchi@cvsrtarva.org +91 7004466566
8. Mr. Bhagirath Rathod Coord.Rajkot@cvsrtarva.org +91 9825078098
9. Ms. Ritika Sneh Coord.Jharkhand@cvsrtarva.org +91 9263182001

Address for Correspondence

CVSRTA - Registered Valuers Association Regd. Office:

21-23, T.V. Industrial Estate, Worli, 248-A, S.K. Ahire Marg, Off A.B.Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra,India,400030

CVSRTA - Registered Valuers Association Administrative Office:

Shop No. 10, Building No. 5, Malad Co-op. Hsg. Soc. Ltd. Poddar Road, Opp. Saraf Matru Mandir, Malad East, Mumbai-400097

Fees Structure

1. Primary Membership Application Fees for Individual: Rs.2500 + 18% GST(Application form can be filled online at www.cvsrtarva.org)
2. 50 Hrs. Minimum Education Programme Fees: Rs.25,000 + 18% GST
3. Study Material Fees (Optional): Rs.5,000 + 18% GST(Available on IBBI website for Free)
4. Annual Membership Fee : Rs.7,500 + 18% GST (To be paid by all members.It can be paid upto 30th May of each year)
5. Transfer from our RVO to other RVO from at our of Rs.42 other : Rs.NIL (Provided current year membership is paid in full)(To be issued within 7 working days from date of receipt of request other RVO by email and physical letter of request from Member administrative office along with 2 envelops with postage stamp 1 envelop having members address and other envelop having RVO address)
6. Transfer in our RVO from other RVO along : Rs.7,500 + 18% GST (Transfer Fees)(Membership application Fees at point No.1 above additional with primary membership application form. Also current Financial year membership fees at point 4 above is to be paid at the time of joining)
7. Certificate of Practice Fees : Rs.2,000 + 18% GST (To be paid once in the life time)
8. Continuation Education Programme Valuer permission programme) Rs.3,500 to Rs.5,000 + 18% GST (Depending upon venue)(2 CEP of 8 hours is compulsory in a year for all Registered Member. Member can attend CEP of other RVO with prior of our RVO, in case of difficulty in attending our RVO CEP programme)